Thurrock Council Ban Council Tenants From The Political Process


Thurrock Council have been working 24/7 to take down all political gardens boards, diverting resources from front line services such as cleaning and greening. This seems like a political decision taken by Thurrock Council’s Tory Leadership.

UKIP Thurrock Candidate, Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “Thurrock Council’s behaviour would make Kim Jong Un blush. To take down garden boards that Council tenants are putting up – from whatever party – is a disgrace, it’s excluding residents from the political process. Ratepayers will be appalled to know that Thurrock Council’s priorities range from ripping down our national flag and taking down garden boards rather than fixing the potholes and clearing up our streets.

“The leadership of Thurrock Council are an absolute disgrace. Change is coming and Thurrock Council’s jobsworth’s are officially on notice.”