Labour’s ”stupidity or duplicity” on Single Market

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Jeremy Corbyn’s U-turn on membership of the EU Single Market has been condemned as “another betrayal” of working class voters. Membership of the Single Market would prevent Corbyn implementing key Labour policies, such as renationalisation of the railways.

UKIP East Of England MEP, Tim Aker said: “Labour’s acceptance of Single Market membership is another betrayal of its voter base. During the election Labour campaigned to exit the Single Market when we leave the EU. Now after the votes are counted, patriotic Labour voters can see betrayal staring them in the face.

“Just like their U-turn on tuition fees, being in the Single Market means Labour cannot implement many of their cornerstone policies. This is either stupidity or deliberate duplicity from the Labour Party.

“Membership of the Single Market means you cannot renationalise the railways. It prevents an activist state and measures that would protect jobs and bring industry back.

“For all the talk of Labour bringing change, this u-turn shows they cannot be trusted. It’s as if Tony Blair never went away.”