Council To Review Aveley Yellow Lines


Yellow lines appeared on the Aveley Village Development recently without any consultation with local residents. Local residents collected a petition with over 100 people signing it. The petition was presented to Full Council by Cllr Tim Aker MEP on 29th March. A public meeting was then called for the 7th April. The Council is now reviewing the lines.

UKIP Aveley Councillor, Tim Aker MEP said: “Residents were gobsmacked to find these yellow lines appear almost out of nowhere, with no consultation at all. I share their frustration and called a meeting with the Council to see how we can resolve the situation.

“After a very productive meeting with officers, a consultation will take place where the lines will be reviewed. We have assurances that some will go and we believe that with input from residents, the non-sensical lines will disappear.”