Conservative Inaction over Unauthorised Traveller Sites

Action Shot 2

This weekend has seen the Aveley Recreation Ground become yet another unauthorised traveller site in Thurrock. For the past few days, caravans have pitched up and despite being reported, nothing has been done.

Cllr Tim Aker MEP said: “This is an issue that blights Thurrock every summer and yet the Tories think that we should not bring in any more legislation to deal with the issue. The Tories say they have enough powers, so why has this site in Aveley been left for days now?

“UKIP believe in one law for all. Those who make the mess should be penalised to clean it up.

“I will keep pressing for tough laws to protect our open spaces. While the Conservatives are high on rhetoric and poor on delivery, I will get on with the job of representing and fighting for Thurrock.”